About Phyllis

"Welcome!  My name is Phyllis Harmony,  I am feasting on life and speaking in harmony!  I would love to share with you ways in which I would be a fit for your group. I love people!  I can't say it any simpler, I am energized by plans and people! 

I have enjoyed opportunities to share with a variety of groups over the years and the one constant I find  is  people want to take something home with them.  This may be in the form of a spiritual or motivational challenge, an insight, a feeling of worth or some light entertainment with an uplifting message.  I have been told I can be pretty funny and I suspect I can hold your attention. 

As an inspirational speaker it is important to say that I love the Lord and want to be His messenger as I speak to Christian groups about the sheer brilliance of God in everyday living.  In my ability to support my presentation with a variety of stories, I feel excited to see the beautiful harmony between real life and the Word of God.  I have enjoyed discovering new identities with some familiar biblical characters that I hadn't seen in the past.  God is always pleasantly surprising!"

 This energetic wife, mother and grandmother loves little, middle and big people, laughter, good stories,  snow skiing, reading and  clog dancing. "Clogging is one of the few things I am willing to sweat for and not complain."

 Speaking nationally for over 20 years, Phyllis Harmony has been a popular presenter at women's events, business conferences, banquets, and workshops.   

  As the illustrator and contributor to four books of inspirational poetry by her mother, Louise Thompson, Phyllis often includes a poem in her presentations as a tribute to the impact her mother has had on her life.

 In March of 2005 the KISSES OF SUNSHINE series by Zondervan Publishing Company went on the market. Phyllis had 2 of her signature stories published in two of the publications.

 Phyllis Harmony brings real life to the table and has a feast. She is an entertaining storyteller that not only recounts a series of events but also has the very special knack of finding the life lessons and often the humor in the event.

A statement of Faith is below.   

Statement of Faith:

"God has proven to me repeatedly that He has a personal interest in me. From a teenager needing love and forgiveness, I have grown into a woman learning that the love of God is the only thing I can always count on. I still marvel in knowing that the Lord sent His Son for me and to me and by the simple acts of repentance, faith and invitation, Jesus has come to dwell in my heart and has given me life to the fullest. I believe the Holy Spirit comes to manifest the gifts and power given to us from the Father in Heaven. I believe the Holy Bible is the infallible Word of the Living God. I believe God is 3 persons in one: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My daily prayer is hoping to stay out of God’s way as He works in my life and that I can be more sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is such a privilege to share my faith discoveries with others and to know that God has this same deep passion for each of us. Whatever path He leads me to, I will always be honored to travel with Him."