Teaming up the temperaments is a valuable tool in both secular and faith-based settings. Where 2 or  more  are gathered there will be differing viewpoints, strengths and weaknesses. This Personality Workshop helps bring people together in understanding not only others but more importantly themselves in relating to others and working together.

A valuable tool for team building in the workplace or organizational committees                   A popular keynote presentation                                                                                                                          Middle and High School Assemblies or classrooms

Personality Parties - a great way to get friends, couples or families  together and have a good time learning about each other.

Presenter will work with your budget.

An old Chinese Proverb says, " Those who understand others are clever, but those who understands themselves are enlightened." Lao Tzu


Bring this workshop to your facility or have help  finding  an appropriate setting. A minimum of 10 participants.

Speaking in front of a group of any size can be intimidating. Whether a group facilitator, a teacher, a small group leader or a platform speaker, your presentation style is what holds the attention of the audience.  This workshop is designed to help you determine what your needs are as a presenter, where are your strengths and weaknesses and what areas do you want to improve.