If your group needs motivation, some inspiration or just a time to relax and relate, Phyllis Harmony will bring just that to your gathering.

Speaking nationally, Phyllis has been a popular presenter since 1980 at conferences, business meetings, workshops, banquets, retreats, and school settings.

With over 15 years in long term healthcare, she has insights from first hand experience that lend credibility to her presentations. Phyllis speaks not only to healthcare organizations, education professionals,  corporate businesses and associations, she has  presented to elementary classrooms, senior citizens,  special needs support groups, fund raisers, single adults, teens, parenting groups, business women's organizations and auxiliaries.

Phyllis will work with your agenda and topic.

Here is a sampling of some of Phyllis' topics. Most programs can be tailored to fit any age group.

This program is the inspiration of my special needs nephew, Josh. He was mainstreamed into a typical classroom. In the early part of elementary school he was humiliated by some boys in his class while on the playground, but Josh didn't know it. He thought they were treating him as a friend, laughing and joking. His parents decided to visit the classroom to explain to his classmates what makes Josh different, but special. The demonstration they gave made sense and the children understood. But three weeks later the class had the amazing opportunity to witness this rare spirit as he shared the medals he had won at a Special Olympics event. This moving story has been published by Zondervan Press in SUNSHINE KISSES FOR TEACHERS and is a tremendous instrument in helping others understand the power of someone able to live in wonder, awe and unconditional love. Along with Josh's story I share some other stirring moments that can help us look deep within to release us from our own disabilities. This is an appropriate presentation for not only a key note presentation but can be adapted and has been presented to elementary classroom settings, school assemblies, teachers and parent groups.

This program is a snapshot of the turning point in Helen Keller's life when she felt her soul was born, the day she met her beloved teacher Annie Sullivan; a teacher who wouldn't give up until she had uncovered the spirit inside this deaf-blind 7 year old. It was finally at the water pump that Helen's world changed. When we make that discovery of something we are passionate about, what is our attitude? Do we settle for knowing the facts, or do we charge ahead because we just can't get enough? This is a challenge to look for your passion, chase it until you capture it. A 20-30 minute challenging program that can be tailored to all ages.

When the time comes for tryouts, everyone is nervous. "I got the role!" "I made the team!" But now comes the work. A look at the difference between getting the role or position on the team, and the attitude of how you will play. A telling story of the difference between the role versus the responsibility.

Often a weakness leads to the discovery of a strength. This is the story of two very different artists. The attitude of Norman Rockwell who, as a pigeon-toed boy, felt he didn't fit in at sports and all he really liked to do was draw; to him it was a very average skill.  Patrik Norstrom, who has no arms, finds his life to be his average with a few difference from others. He knew there was something inside of him he wanted to capture, and with encouragement he did just that.

"Hey, I was just made this way, I can't help it!" Hey, you're right! You were born with certain personality traits, some strong, some weak. Some things just come naturally. When we understand ourselves and learn the mystery of the other personalities we become more tolerant of those around us. This fun and fast paced program will open your eyes to seeing the differences in the people around you, as well as identifying their emotional needs. What a change it can make in our lives to see we aren't made the same but that we are made equally different. A great topic for teens, college groups and women's organizations, workshops and banquets. "He who knows others is clever, but he who knows himself is enlightened."

Lucy and Ethel, Bert and Ernie, Tim and Al. Television personalities with opposite temperaments who were all hits as teams. Whether peaceful, playful, powerful or particular we are thrown together daily at home, work, school and play. How do we get along and remain sane? This entertaining but enlightening study of the four personalities illustrates the strengths and weaknesses we possess, how to communicate with and compliment each other if we team up. This has become a favorite in any team oriented business.

Most grave markers have two dates inscribed on them, a date of birth and a date of death. The dates are separated by a dash. The dash represents the years of living. This program shares the "dashes" of some well known and not so well known people. Through choices we face regularly, we determine for the worth of our dash. This is a program aimed at looking around, looking inward and looking ahead at spending our dash. A suitable presentation for both secular and faith communities.

Have you ever considered the worth of a bandade? It protects, gives comfort, cushions the blow, keeps out the aids the healing process, doesn't it? This includes Phyllis' personal story of how the bandade became so significant in her life and the value it has in others lives. An encouragement to the audience to recognize, offer, apply and accept bandades.