Speakers Workshop

Do you have a desire to be a speaker?  Have you been asked to speak and are afraid of failing?  Are you currently doing some speaking but want to polish your skills? Do you lead a discussion group?

These are all good reasons to attend a Speakers Workshop.

---As a small group leader, you are a facilitator, it’s not about you-- throw out a topic and get discussion going.   

---As a  platform speaker  you are asked to share about you and a topic. 

---As a leadership speaker you are asked to share your information on a topic (which could include how it has affected you)

This workshop will come to your organization, church, retreat or business meeting.  The workshop can be a one day 4 hour introduction or can be expanded to a weekend or a series of 3 workshops.

Speakers Workshop comments:

"Thank you, Phyllis, for leading the workshop last Saturday.  I couldn't believe how fast the time went; that's how good it was.  I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly encouraged." DH

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop!  I truly appreciate all that you did.  You have wonderful insights, great teaching skills, and a way of saying things that are both clever and meaningful.
I would be interested in continuing on and learning more!  Thanks so much!" PR

Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching this class.  I can't say that I am coming away from the class with a much clearer picture of where God is leading me.   I would like to make a goal that in about a years time that I could stand in front of the women of our church  and give my story." BP

"Hi Phyllis! I would definitely be interested in coming to another session: I enjoyed yesterday so much. The comments were helpful in that they were all encouraging and let me know that I had improved from the first talk to the next"  JH